The atmosphere in the Senate is different from that in a normal debate room. All those present feel this and behave slightly different than normal. Wearing an ironed shirt or a jumper instead of a normal t-shirt or a hoodie. People whispering instead of talking out loud and an audience watching us from the old paintings on the ceiling from times long gone by. There is clearly something else going on here than an ordinary tech conference. This is the ethical deep dive in preparation for the Odyssey Hackathon in Groningen which starts mid April. The participants on this event on Friday March 8 are going to talk about ethics. Moral principles that control or influence a person’s behaviour, according to the Oxford Dictionary. Ethics, all connected with beliefs and principles about what is right and wrong. 

Ethical deep dive hosted by Lykle de Vries

Our host for the afternoon is mister Lykle de Vries, a well known advocate of blockchain sanity. After pointing out the grandeur of the room, Lykle asks all participants if they sit next to someone they know. If so, they have to move over and look for someone they don’t know in order to broaden everyone’s vision.

Calibrate Ethical compass

“We are gathered here to calibrate our ethical compass”, Lykle tells us. “We hope people go home with great questions which can guide you. Consider implications of your work. We are not here for debate, we’re here for dialogue.”


The first speaker is a representative from the Senate, miss Pia Lokin. Following Lokin’s speech, Lykle introduces Rutger van Zuidam, founding father of the Odyssey Hackathon. Next is Marleen Stikker who recently appeared on Dutch television in a show called Summer guests (Zomergasten). After Marleen, we’ll listen to Aron van Ammers about running an enterprise. Ethically. Alexander Rinnooy Kan, former member of the Senate, will close the afternoon. Watch the full video here:

Marleen Stikker Ethical Deep Dive Bias

Full article on Medium

You can read the full article, written by Ronald Mulder and Krijn Soeteman on Medium.

Verkenning: “Is blockchain misschien een oplossing voor ons probleem?”

Welk probleem zou je in je netwerk met Blockchain technologie kunnen oplossen? Doe met ons een werksessie (1 dagdeel) en je krijgt:

  • Een beargumenteerde keuze om al dan niet blockchain-technologie te gebruiken voor het voorliggende probleem.
  • Input voor de systeem-architectuur, ook in het geval niet voor een blockchain wordt gekozen.
  • Een beter (en gedeeld) begrip van zowel blockchain als het voorliggende data-probleem.